TESO Professionals Enterprise Development Organization ltd (TESO.PEDO), is a development delivery and capacity building support organization registered in Uganda as a social enterprise to focus on and drive development of Teso sub region of Uganda.

The organization to serve TESO wide region of 10 Districts of Amuria , Bukedea, Ngora, Kaberamaido , Katakwi , Kapelebyong , Kumi, Pallisa, Serere, and Soroti, estimating 5 Million people, or 1 million households, and will integrate the Diaspora constituency.

Teso PEDO emphasizes sustainable and impact development in our Sustainable Community initiatives. Our approaches are to foster sector led development initiatives, guiding and supporting communities in selecting informatively the key production growth sectors that ensure market driven demanded products. We also prioritize familiar crops and animals that are easier to look after yet can be scaled up to regional markets, national, and indeed international including manufacturing and industrial use in value addition initiatives. Typical sectors are Groundnuts, Cassava, Local Chicken Rice Sorghum, Beans potatoes and now the emerging Cashew sector. Whereas the Teso region has remained handicapped in findingsignificant cash or enterprise focused products since the collapse of the Cotton as cash crop, the transformation to commercialization for better income has remained tamed, largely by the mind concept of ‘’Subsistence Surplus’’ of production, or lack of explored markets, hence limited investment on production despite huge advantage on Water, Land, climate, and labour. Production has largely remained subsistence led, hence limited investment to drive increased production. We seek to address these.

Teso PEDO also undertakeswhole value chain development strategies, supporting with INPUTs, PROTECTION, HARVEST and POST HARVEST, PROCESSING, and distribution to Market The Organization Teso PEDO has engineered and continues to establish is a membership led approach to ensure commitment and monitoring, extension support, and linkages emphasizing production and productivity. We have further embedded supervision and administration by use of own dedicated District managers to work with all key local government departments, reporting to Teso PEDO Central office as well as supervising Sub Country coordinators that in turn supervise the farmer groups, the Join Production Groups (JPGs). Everyone and anyone can join into the organizational weather as a supplier, consumer a worker or an investor. The farmer groups/household group membership is by district, sector products or services or indeed projects engagements facilitated by subscription, including the Essential Life Needs (ELN) services for livelihood and quality of life. Contact us to get plugged into our initiatives, build the communities and make a better tomorrow for all.